... Come on, come in, step into the vortex where you belong...

Hi, I'm Nikholas, and you are watching Bad Seed TeeVee.

<(-_-<) Uh... I mean... welcome to my homepage. I hope you'll enjoy your stay and that I learn to code this goddamn thing b4 I mean to put a paragraph break.

Well, shit, I do remember some stuff after all, I managed all on my own, fancy that. We'll see what other features I could tamper with, I want to learn some things like customizing yr mouse pointer, or doing that thing where you hover an image with your pointer and it replaces it with another image file, or maybe just lightens/darkens yr image, I never learned to do that so I don't know if you can use html to do it, or maybe this site doesn't only support HTML =^..^=

... Alright, let me tell you, coding is a fucking bitch if you've got typos - seriously. Or ADHD, because then you forget to put tags where nessecary.

Now, let's get a glass of water and dive into more of this website-making business, I guess.

Y'all realise that back in the day, I couldn't even type a paragraph? I'd start a project like this, convince myself how epic it would be, imagine things for it, and watch it sink, because I was thinking too much, was too inhibited and too scared to actually do anything, was so convinced I'm going to fuck up if I'm not 100% in it which stunted my grand ambitions during my highschool days.

Do you think drop-down menus would be poss? now was *that* an HTML thing? I remember those, from when I tried to make a website, it could have been in 1999, I guess. You had to choose whether yr link is going to open in the current window, or pop-up a new window. CHOICES, we had those.

Do any of you use Discord? I use it regularly to browse servers or chat to some of my closest friends. You can find me under the username The Dog Chair#2445 . Phew, that's a handful, I hope I did it correctly. You can open your own Discord account, or sign into your account and talk to me HERE.

Do YOU like Nick Cave? I sure do. What's not to like, huh?. I loved Grinderman. Let's try and list my top 3 Grinderman tracks:

There we go, I hope I hadn't forgotten anything.

Check this out - I think neocities messed up the instructions on making an ordered list, you should write 'ul' and not 'ol', appearently? Let's see, I have great expectations (this one's for the webmasters, you'll see what I mean if you sign up on neocities to make own website, then get to Lists part of the tutorial). META! Breaking the 4th wall! Very exciting.

I'll tell you the thing, I'm very uncynical about creating this website because I never actually had one. Should I use it mostly for preserving more of the 'old web' content, old fansite look and feel etc., or do I keep the modern 'retro' stuff on here too like GIFYPET because I just think they're neat? I mean, I also have more modern-style buttons and Spotify links that fit with the throwback *theme* while still adapting to more modern tech and looks, that didn't use to bother me before.

All I mean to do here is to keep the human touch of what a 'personal website' used to be like, as opposed to something that's meant to serve the narrow interest of others or yourself.


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I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?

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